Mentors Framework

The Mentors Framework is something that we’ve developed first through our work with NASA Openscapes, co-led with Erin Robinson of Metadata Game Changers.

This is a multi-year engine for culture change within organizations. This means a framework for sustainably scaling technical and social skill-building through the Openscapes Champions Program and other learning formats such as multi-day hands-on workshops and hackathons.

An overview of how we build the Mentors Framework with NASA Earthdata staff across different data centers (Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs)) is detailed in our recent preprint: The Openscapes Flywheel: A framework for managers to facilitate and scale inclusive Open science practices (Robinson & Lowndes 2022)

Documentation: main places

As we develop the Mentor Community, there are 3 places, 3 audiences & 3 purposes for documentation.

TODO: develop this further with notes from meeting_saved…txt in this folder.


Audience: public. Main engagement information for anyone interested in the effort. Includes information on schedule and how to get involved.


Audience: mentors. Main information for folks of what to expect as they onboard. Includes all the tooling they should expect to access.

Approach Guide

Audience: Openscapes team. Main information for how we engage and onboard