Openscapes is part of the open science movement and supported and inspired by the many diverse communities and efforts working for more inclusive and kinder research culture.

This Approach Guide document is inspired from:

Many things inspire us and influence our work for kinder science

The Openscapes Approach supports the vision laid out by the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM)’s Open Science by Design report.


Our Resources page has some resources meant to welcome environmental scientists who are newly onboarding to open data science.

Our Openscapes GitHub Organization has pinned repositories of interest, including the teaching-learning-resources repo where we use Issues to jot down specific tools or learning resources for open, reproducible, inclusive science.

We also have a public Openscapes Zotero library linking publications, talks, and curricula. And, a public Openscapes Spotify Playlist of favorite pump-up songs from our cohorts.

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