We work with really thoughtful partners that support open science and kinder science. We are grateful to have so many types of partners supporting Openscapes.

Partners can invest in Openscapes in different ways. We are interested in not only leading the Champions Program for partner communities but in developing Champions Program Mentors within partner communities — our plan for scaling Openscapes is for more people to be able to lead the Champions program for their communities as part of their paid jobs.

Funding Partners

Some of our partners provide funding. We work with partners to develop a scope of work, whether that is delivering a 2- or 4-month Champions Cohort for specific communities or open calls across communities; investing in additional curriculum for a specific Cohort; or a longer engagement through the Openscapes Framework over several years. Each investment in Openscapes also contributes to strengthening our Flywheel and the broader open science movement.

Mentor Partners

Some of our partners contribute paid time to assist Champions Cohorts, thereby developing Openscapes Mentors that will help lead future Cohorts within their own communities. Having this assistance and mentorship development be part of people’s jobs is something important to us: Mentor Partners build long-term capacity and resilience for kinder open data science within their own communities while becoming more connected with broader open science communities. They also make visible and value the labor and expertise that goes into open science, training, and community building, which is critical to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in these spaces.

Some of these partners contribute to Champions Program curriculum and co-lead Cohort Calls. This is an exciting work in progress with some of our four-month cohorts!

Our partners

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