Post-Cohort followup

GitHub Checklist

This issue is to help track the post-cohort setup, following the approach-guide and focused on the engagement and tech setup after dates are set.

These TODO’s are for @jules32 and also will include @erinmr

Thank you email (Digest 5)

We send a thank you email via GitHub Issues as a Call 5 Digest


Here is the survey template we sent out to Champions following the cohort.

In some cases we’ve sent out a reminder email:

Hi All!

We wanted to thank you all again for being a part of our SASI Openscapes Cohort this fall and appreciate all you were able to give with everything else going on. Yesterday’s screenshare-and-tells and discussions were super and it’s exciting to see the momentum you have going forward. We’re excited to stay in touch (Slack, Twitter, etc) and will be sending out a last digest soon!

We’d appreciate your feedback in this [5-min survey] so we can improve based on feedback of what did and didn’t work. Additionally, please email/slack us a snail-mail address for your team so that we can send a thank you card and stickers!

Thanks again, and we hope you all have a safe and healthy break.


Julie, Erin, Emma, and Lenny

Honoraria for Guest Teachers

Hi [Name],

Thank you for presenting at the Openscapes Champions Cohort Series on [June 25, 2021].

In appreciation of your time spent preparing and presenting at our event, we are able to provide a $150 stipend. I’ve attached two forms here that UCSB needs in order to process this for you. Please send them back to me and let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you very much, Cheers, Julie

Follow up with Partners

Send thank you / report out email


Thank you letters & stickers

We love snail mail. This is a chance to send a written thank you to teams and also share physical Openscapes stickers.

3-Month Check-Ins

Modeled after SGCI

  • very limited structure on the call
  • revisit repo
  • share summaries from pathways

Prompts from Gayle Hagler, EPA

Elements to consider including:

  • What was your project situation that motivated you to nominate your team? (Related - Who were your team members and how did you work together on data?)
  • Did you see any shifts (now or forthcoming) in your personal or team’s research approaches as the result of the experience? This could include how your team interacts, new technical practices, any “ripple effects” to other projects.

Hello CS&S Champions! This is an optional 3-month check-in to reconnect and share updates since our Cohort. You can also always connect with the community more on Slack, and through upcoming community calls and other events:

Social Hours

Learn about our Summer monthly Social Hours in Seaside Chats.

Qualitative Data Analysis

We take debrief notes at the end of each Cohort Call that can inform future Qualitative Data Analyses and assessments.