Monthly Checkins

Regular checkins documenting we’ve learned and what’s stood out in the Openscapes community.

Feb 2024

This 1957 drawing reveals the brilliant strategy behind Disney’s lasting success - heard through Sean Kross, and paralleling Issa Rae’s business map – heard through Ileana Fenwick in May 2023!

Jan 2024

Unicorns, Show Ponies, and Gazelles - Jed Sundwall, Executive Director of Radiant Earth

Where Does DEI Go from Here? - Roberts 2023, Harvard Business Review. > Summary: “Amid economic uncertainty, corporate belt-tightening, and efforts to dismantle diversity efforts through both court rulings and legislation, the push for diversity, equity, and inclusion has slowed. The author, a researcher in positive psychology and diversity and inclusion, argues that to bring advocates and critics of diversity together, leaders must orient around a broader goal: creating the conditions for all workers to flourish. Given the high rates of disengagement and burnout, especially for those in historically marginalized groups, companies need a new approach. The author argues for fostering four freedoms at work: the freedom to be, the freedom to become, the freedom to fade, and the freedom to fail. Currently the four are unevenly distributed, but interventions such as encouraging individual allyship, implementing strengths-based development programs, and enabling flexible work can make organizations safer and more welcoming for all.”

Dec 2023

White House Releases Fifth Open Government National Action Plan to Advance a More Inclusive, Responsive, and Accountable Government White House Office of Science, Technology and Policy 2022.

Recoding America