Reflections Program

The Openscapes Reflections Program, modeled after leadership coaching, offers structure and accountability for participants to reflect and plan on analytical and reporting workflows to improve daily habits and fuel institutional culture change.


The Reflections Booklet (paralleling the Champions Series) is the curriculum for the Reflections Program. It’s a Quarto html book that you can also download as PDF and print out for tactile writing. Tactile things help your brain work in different ways (citation needed).

The GitHub repo is here:

We created the Booklet in 2023. There are some updates to make each year when Registration is Open (March) and again when it is Closed (June).

quarto publish the Booklet

We use quarto publish to publish this booklet. This was partly to experiment and partly because we would like to publish a PDF and Web version in a single way. What this looks like:

  • Open RStudio locally
  • Work in Main branch (don’t make a new branch as we figure out this workflow with PDFs and Quarto Publish)
  • Commit changes. Push. (Alternatively, git pull if you’ve made edits from
  • Click on the Terminal tab next to the console
  • Type quarto publish, press return
  • It will prompt you to setup the first time. Follow the instructions. This is what it looks like after that:

…then more details then:

Registration Open

When it’s time to open registration, here are the things involved.

Google Form and Stripe

We have a short Google Form for folks to sign up for Reflections. We use the same form each year; new responses are added by date.

  • Google Form:
    • Update dates
    • Turn on “accepting responses”
  • Stripe: this should be good to go; there are no dates to change. We provide Email Receipts (at not cost), not Payment Invoices.


Here is the 2024 commit for reference.

  • Edit text up top: **[Registration is open for the May 2024 Reflections Program](STRIPE-LINK-HERE)!** and dates **2024 Dates: April 29 - May 17**
  • Add registration link in the ## Registration section - STRIPE-LINK-HERE
  • Before committing: search “TODO” to confirm everything updated.

Events page:

  • Create an events page. An example to follow:

Registration Closed

When it’s time to close registration, here are the things involved.


TODO: Here is the 2024 commit for reference.