Do and fix things in Git

These are our go-to resources about GitHub; they include philosophy, step-by-step guidance, and troubleshooting. Most examples are with R and RStudio, and are applicable more broadly.

Excuse Me, Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Version Control?

Excuse Me, Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Version Control?” Bryan J, 2017, PeerJ 

Happy Git With R

“Happy Git provides opinionated instructions on how to Install Git and get it working smoothly with GitHub, in the shell and in the RStudio IDE; Develop a few key workflows that cover your most common tasks; Integrate Git and GitHub into your daily work with R and R Markdown.”

R for Excel Users

R for Excel Users. Lowndes J and Horst A, 2020. Chapter 4 and 8 focus on starting setup and collaboration with GitHub and RStudio


usethis. Wickham H and Bryan J.

usethis is a workflow R package: it automates repetitive tasks that arise during project setup and development, both for R packages and non-package projects.

Git Flight Rules

“A guide for astronauts (now, programmers using Git) about what to do when things go wrong.”

This is quite a comprehensive and maintained list of git commands, using the command line.

GitHub: A beginner’s guide to going back in time (aka fixing mistakes)

This has screenshots and a workflow with RStudio and the command line.

Practical R Workflow for Scientists

By Dr. Eli Holmes