Code of Conduct

Please see accompanying slides until this chapter is built out more.

Please also refer to Openscapes’ Code of Conduct:

Important for:

Code of Conduct also known as

Community Participation Guidelines
Code of Practice

Similar ideas:
Lab philosophy, mission statement, participation agreements


  • Clear explicit statements
  • Seen and heard – that all participants know about
    • Accessible and discoverable online
    • Mentioned aloud in meetings/interviews/onboarding
  • Avenues for action, identified committees, recusals

Case study: rOpenSci

CoC itself
Blog post about the CoC
Blog post about creating the CoC — following a community call on the topic. Interesting points:

  • Drafting – make it good and revisit; but not a living doc
  • Adopting and sharing – so people know it exists & where to find it
  • Reporting and enforcing – standardized form can help

Examples to build from

Further Reading