2022 California SWRCB Openscapes Champions Cohort

Welcome to the 2022 California SWRCB Openscapes Champions Cohort! This is a Cohort for the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB, “Water Boards”), with staff participation from the Office of Information Management and Analysis (OIMA) and the Division of Water Quality (DWQ). Learn more about Openscapes and the Champions Program: https://openscapes.org.

Cohort Agendas

We will meet as a Cohort via Zoom five times over two months for 2 hours, on alternating Wednesdays in August, September, and October 2022.

Agenda links below are only accessible to Cohort participants (coming soon!), as they are also an archive of our live google-docing. Please see https://openscapes.org/series for more detail and to view blank versions of the agendas.

Date Cohort Call Agendas Presentation Slides Openscapes Lessons Between Cohort Calls
08/17 1. Openscapes mindset mindset, better science in less time mindset, better science in less time Seaside Chat (trailhead)
08/31 2. Culture & safety and data strategies for future us culture & safety, data strategies team culture, data strategies Seaside Chat (code of conduct); Co-working
09/14 3. GitHub Clinic GitHub for publishing (slides 1-20) and project management (slides 21-29) GitHub strategies - publishing & project management Hands-on collaboration in the browser: editing, committing, and Issues
09/28 4. Documentation and pathways for future us documentation & Pathways Documentation, Pathways Seaside Chat (pathways); Co-working
10/19 5. Pathways share   Open communities  

The Water Boards has a GitHub organization which is currently creating its guidance for contributions. Tip: You can listen instead of read material online via talkify.

Participating teams

These are the teams participating: please edit this repo yourself following our GitHub Clinic!

Openscapes Team

Guest Teachers

More Background on Openscapes and the Champions program: