Summit 2019
Openscapes Champions


Through engaging, empowering, and amplifying environmental scientists with data science and open practices, Openscapes aims to enable better science in less time by creating a more efficient and collaborative culture in science. The Openscapes Champions program mentors environmental scientists and empowers them and their labs with open data science tools and practices and helps grow the community of practice within the lab, department, and beyond. Our inaugural Champions cohort includes seven scientists leading inspiring research: read about their research and Openscapes progress.

In March 2019 we brought the Champions together for a mid-program Summit as a chance to meet in person, strengthen relationships, share lessons learned, problem solve, and ignite new collaborations. We were also joined by two special guests who provided invaluable insight and comradery. Dr. Christie Bahlai — an applied quantitative ecologist and professor at Kent State University and Mozilla Fellow (2015) — shared her insight on creating an open lab culture and championing open data science practices in ecology. And Sean Kross — a PhD student at UC San Diego studying Human-Computer Interaction — shared insight on open software and data science instruction, including coding up some software for Champions on the fly. The Summit exceeded our (high!) expectations and we have started sharing reflections from the event in blog posts: the first is Openscapes summit reflections — becoming champions


The Summit was generously supported by Mozilla and hosted by NCEAS.

2019 Champions

Halley Froehlich, PhD

University of California at Santa Barbara

Dr. Froehlich is a marine aquaculture & fisheries scientist studying global food systems and climate change. She inspires and empowers audiences of all kinds, including through Netflix’s Bill Nye saves the world.

Allison Horst, PhD

University of California at Santa Barbara

Dr. Horst is a data science and statistics lecturer in an environmentally-focused graduate program. Dr. Horst was awarded the student-appointed Bren School of Environmental Science & Management Distinguished Teaching Award in 2018.

Nishad Jayasundara, PhD

University of Maine

Dr. Jayasundara is a physiologist studying organismal adaptation to their habitat and effects of external environmental factors. His ongoing research includes capacity building to address environmental health in Sri Lanka.

Malin Pinsky, PhD

Rutgers University

Dr. Pinsky is an ecologist studying the impacts of climate change on ocean life. With expertise on shifting habitats of ocean animals, Dr. Pinsky leads OceanAdapt, a website used by governments and NGOs for climate adaptation planning.

Adrian Stier, PhD

University of California at Santa Barbara

Dr. Stier is a marine ecologist studying the recovery and resilience of ocean ecosystems. Included in the systems he studies are coral reefs, and he recently was a Keynote Speaker at the 4th Coral Reef Symposium.

Nina Therkildsen, PhD

Cornell University

Dr. Therkildsen is an evolutionary biologist using genomic analyses to improve marine conservation and fisheries management. Dr. Therkildsen studies genetic adaptation using current, historic, and ancient DNA.

Chelsea Wood, PhD

University of Washington

Dr. Wood is an ecologist studying marine and freshwater parasites in a changing world. Her work was recently featured in a bioGraphic video, Protected by prawns, by the California Academy of Sciences.