Chapter 4 Better science in less time

We will highlight some concepts brought up in

Lowndes et al. 2017, Nature Ecology & Evolution: Our path to better science in less time using open data science tools.

4.1 OHI pathway

Motivated by necessity
Improved by possibility & community

Gives us more time to do other things (like focus on science)

4.1.1 Shared workflows not only useful for shared projects

OHI team: we work on many different projects, still use same workflows and share feedback

Shared conventions reduce friction

Common ground, easier to talk about, easier to ask for help

Identify collaborative opportunities - Reduce cognitive load - You don’t need to design everything from scratch

Easier to find things

4.2 Resources to highlight

4.2.1 Not so standard deviation podcast

Parker & Peng
Great discussions about data concepts and “in the wild”
Episode 9: Spreadsheet drama

4.2.2 Practical computing for biologists

Haddock & Dunn
Software & computing concepts already on your computer
Chapter 2: Regular expressions

4.3 R for science communication

OHI Team

Website built with R/RMarkdown & Github
List of media & lectures, resources
Interviews in Nature, rOpenSci
Example of what you can do (1-hour tutorial)

4.4 Seaside chats

Ocean Health Index:

  • Standing meeting, 1hr 1x/week
  • Ours are lab members only (not the lab lead)
  • Topic planned ahead
  • Usually low effort, but not always
    • I need to learn Zotero, I’ll share what I know by next week
    • Hey, could you show us how you use GitHub?
  • We keep a list of topics
    • helps with onboarding new members

4.5 Table 1

Took us a long time to make this, really difficult to parse out what we were doing so that we could improve.

4.6 Pathway

Let’s use the BSILT Table 1 as a way to help you think of how you work now and identify your paths forward.

Deliberately identify:

  1. data workflow practices in your lab 22 next steps to facilitate efficiency and open culture.

Will help create protocols for shared lab practices – important for onboarding.

example and blank doc to work from