Tidepool Digital Data Sharing Studio

mentorship opportunity

Building skills and community for ocean data governance and the Blue Economy


Openscapes and Tidepool Digital


September 13, 2022


This is a professional development and leadership opportunity for ocean professionals to make data collaboration more systematic, sustainable, and responsible.

Our increasingly datafied society provides exciting advances and at the same time has created new data asymmetries. Much of the data generated is not equally accessible to those who need it. Advancing access and reuse of data for public interest purposes requires data collaboratives - new partnership models where data is made accessible and reciprocated to generate insights that can help address societal challenges.

Combining the expertise of The GovLab, and Openscapes, this Studio will help participants understand what data collaboratives are, and review their various manifestations; how to establish them in a methodological and purposeful manner; and to govern them in a responsible and effective way. The introduction will be accompanied by discussions to help participants build their skills and establish a community of practice with like-minded leaders around data collaboratives for the Blue Economy.

The GovLab, an action research center founded at New York University, works to deepen our understanding of how to govern more effectively and legitimately through technology.

Openscapes helps research groups reimagine data analysis, develop modern skills that are of immediate value to them, and cultivate collaborative and inclusive research communities.

Intertidal Agency designs at the intersection of people and planet and serves as the PI for the National Science Foundation’s Convergence Accelerator grant that supports this work.

Details and registration

We are offering a single 1.5-hour Studio at two different times in September 2011:

  • Studio A: September 13, 11am -12:30 pm PT

  • Studio B: September 15, 12pm -1:30 pm PT

  • Where: remotely

  • Who: 15 Early Career Ocean Professionals in each Studio. We highly recommend joining this event with a colleague so you have a learning buddy going forward - whether or not you work with the same kinds of data

  • Cost: Free; this opportunity is sponsored by Tidepool Digital via NSF. Stipends are offered to support participants’ time. 

  • Scope: This is a 1.5 hour stand-alone session modeled after the Openscapes Champions Program and Community Calls, piloting lessons developed by The GovLab. This means it is an inclusive session that adheres to our Code of Conduct and is a mixture of brief lessons and interactive discussion. We will be seeking feedback about what would be useful for you as we build out and improve our approach to support marine professionals with data governance.

Register to participate with the above links by September 5, 2022.

Learn more about Tidepool Digital Questions? Contact: hello @ openscapes.org



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