Openscapes Champions: NOAA NMFS Cohort

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Openscapes Champions Cohort for the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)

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Program overview

This is a professional development and leadership opportunity for NOAA research groups to explore open data science practices.

Openscapes is an approach for doing better science in less time1. We help research groups reimagine data analysis, develop modern skills that are of immediate value to them, and cultivate collaborative and inclusive research communities. Openscapes’ mentorship and community engagement approaches center on open data science as kinder science2, enabling increased efficiency and resilience for teams so that their work has more enduring impact.

Openscapes Champions is a remote-by-design mentorship program for environmental and Earth science research teams to explore open data science practices. Participants attend as a team with their research group in a cohort with other teams, together learning how to reframe data-intensive science as a collaborative effort. By discussing open software tooling and communities enabling reproducible research (e.g. R/Python, GitHub, metadata), participants develop collaborative skills, mindsets, and habits and establish shared practices for increased efficiency in their own research, while contributing to a more inclusive scientific culture.

This opportunity is funded in part and coordinated by NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC).

Cohort details

Our NMFS Cohort will meet four times over two months, on alternating Fridays.

Nominate your team to participate

Nominate your team by filling out this Google Form by August 20, 2021. This opportunity is open only to those affiliated with NOAA NMFS. Please submit one nomination per team, preferably by the team lead (PI, project lead, etc). We will confirm participation by late August 2021.

Learn more about the Openscapes Champions Program and FAQs about forming your team. Questions? Contact Openscapes: openscapes at





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