Openscapes Champions: CS&S Cohort

Champions Cohort event completed

Champions Cohort sponsored by CS&S in May-June 2021

Openscapes and CS&S

This is a professional development and leadership opportunity for environmental research groups to explore open data science practices.


Openscapes is an approach for doing better science in less time. We help research groups reimagine data analysis, develop modern skills that are of immediate value to them, and cultivate collaborative and inclusive research communities. This opportunity is funded by Code for Science and Society (CS&S), whose event fund supports events that promote inclusion and broaden participation in open data science that drives scholarship.

Openscapes Champions is a remote-by-design, cohort-based mentorship program that guides teams through the open data science landscape, empowers them as leaders, and welcomes them as part of the growing open community. This two-month remote program will help you establish shared, reproducible practices for data analysis that help make your research group more efficient and inclusive. You will participate with others from your research group as a team, as a cohort with your peers. Together, you will learn how to reframe data analysis as a collaborative effort rather than an individual burden, through exploring open data science tools and community practices (e.g. R/RStudio, GitHub). For more information and guidance about selecting your team, please visit

Cohort Details

We will meet four times over two months, on alternating Fridays in 2021.

Nominate your team to participate

Nominate your team by filling out this Google Form by March 26, 2021. Please submit one nomination per team, preferably by the team lead (faculty, project manager. principal investigator, etc). We will confirm participation by early April 2021.

This opportunity is funded by Code for Science and Society (CS&S).


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