Openscapes Champions: Inaugural Cohort

Champions Cohort

This was the first-ever Champions Cohort, led in 2019


Mozilla and Openscapes


January 21, 2019

Cohort Summary

Sponsored by Mozilla.

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Participating teams led by:

Halley Froehlich, PhDUniversity of California at Santa Barbara. A marine aquaculture & fisheries scientist studying global systems.

Allison Horst, PhDUniversity of California at Santa Barbara. A data science and statistics lecturer in an environmentally-focused graduate program.

Nishad Jayasundara, PhDUniversity of Maine. A physiologist studying organismal adaptation to their habitat & effects of external environmental factors.

Malin Pinsky, PhDRutgers University. An ecologist studying the impacts of climate change on ocean life.

Adrian Stier, PhDUniversity of California at Santa Barbara. A marine ecologist studying recovery and resilience of ocean ecosystems.

Nina Therkildsen, PhDCornell University. An evolutionary biologist using genomic analyses to improve marine conservation and fisheries management.

Chelsea Wood, PhDUniversity of Washington. An ecologist studying marine and freshwater parasites and infectious disease in a changing world.

Program Overview

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